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Why You Need to Learn to Play in Nature!

When we play - the joyful sort, not the competitive sort - learning is effortless. But if a playful activity is unfamiliar you can run head first into a steep learning curve. That pain and frustration can shut down the joy and the effortlessness you seek.
At Nature Play Outdoors we help you develop an awareness and understanding of the arena - a river, a forest, a path, a cliff - through play itself.

Upcoming Activities

Dan River Relay
Dan River Relay
Nature Play Outdoors is excited to be part of the 1st Annual Dan River Relay. Check it out!

Preview Floats for the Dan River Relay
Nature Play Outdoors is excited to be part of the upcoming Dan River Relay! We are providing Preview Floats in April and May on the Jessup Mill and Hart's Access sections of the Dan River to help relay teams prepare for the event.

Fitness Paddling
Weekly fitness paddling sessions will be announced soon at various locations in the Hanging Rock State Park area. Watch our calendar and Facebook page for updates.

River Immersion Camps
We have a three session program that will wear out your kids (ages 10-16 while you vacation at Hanging Rock State Park or one of the other fine campgrounds or lodging options in the area. Sessions are held weekday mornings.

Romantic Canoe
Who says a tandem canoe has to be a divorce boat? Developed in conjunction with a local counselor we are especially excited about this unique couples enrichment program.

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