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1st Annual Dan River Relay

posted Mar 13, 2013, 2:02 PM by Dale Swanson

Dan River Relay
May 18, 2013
When Jessup Mill and the Dan River Company approached us to help develop and manage a river-based event linking the 20 miles of river between them ... we exploded with excitement!

The concept is totally unique (as far as we know):
  1. Relay with 3 Legs
    May also be completed as a single 20 mile event.
  2. Teams choose 1 "paddle-craft" (canoe, kayak or paddleboard)
    This is their relay "baton". 
  3. Teams choose a Non-Profit of their choice and solicit funds.
    Special award to the team raising the most money for their cause.
  4. While team-members are waiting for their "baton" they can enjoy music, food and outdoor skills clinics at Transition 1 (George's Mill), the Finish Line (Dan River Co.) and possibly other locations along the river's course.
  5. "Racing" not required - Relayers may take up to 2.5 hours per leg - plenty of time to enjoy the river.
  6. So much more.
In addition to coordinating the Dan River Relay itself, Nature Play Outdoors will also be providing a couple promotional activities in advance of the Relay.
  • Preview Floats on the exciting and challenging Jessup Mill Section of the river ... the first leg of the Relay. This part of the river includes several Class II Whitewater Rapids - which definitely require more than beginning paddler skills.
  • Fitness Paddles on lakes and flat-water rivers in the Piedmont Triad and beyond through partnerships with regional outfitters like Haw River Outfitters near the Research Triangle.
  • and more - we'll post as we're able to confirm!

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